Clerk's Office

Patrice Rose - Clerk

Christin Rice - Deputy Clerk 

3000 Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 147
St Joseph, MI 49085

Phone (269) 429-7703
Fax (269) 429-2079

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 Getting Ready For 2024 Elections:

Proposal 22-2

Proposal 22-2 will bring many changes to our election processes.  The details are still being worked out by the Michigan Bureau of Elections as to how to implement these changes.  The biggest change will be the implementation of 9-days of early voting and establishing early voting locations(s).   Details on early voting will be posted on our website and Facebook page soon. 

Those who vote an Absent Ballot, will need to make a decision to change from an Absent Application list to an Absent Ballot list.   Sometime in early 2024 the Application list will no longer exist.  Proposal 2 contains legislation to automatically send the voter a ballot.  If you do not wish to receive a ballot for every election and want to fill out an application for each election, you would need to call or email to have an application sent or stop in to fill it out. 

To be on the Ballot list A onetime signed application will be required from EACH voter.  You will find the application (Below:  Absent Ballot Application).  If you have already requested to be added to the ballot list you do not need to fill out another application.  

This change will present a big challenge for us with those of you who snowbird to warmer climates in the winter.  To better serve our voters we will need additional information from you for each election; the dates you are leaving and returning, and the address you will be at when you arrive.  It is the voter’s responsibility to make us aware of this prior to each election.  REMEMBER, election mail cannot be forwarded.  Anything we mail to you, if you are away, will be returned to us, causing a delay in receiving your ballot and the time needed to return it.   Communication will be the key.  Also, absent voters will see postage paid return envelopes when they receive their ballots.  No more adding a stamp to the envelope.   What is important on your returned ballot envelope is your signature.  Your signature is required to verify your identity.  When signing your ballot envelope, you will need to sign it as closely as that of the signature on your driver’s license.  Please compare them before returning the ballot.  We understand that health concerns may interfere with your signature matching the driver’s license. 

If you do not wish to mail your ballot you can bring it in to the office or drop it in our Ballot Dropbox.  In the near future, you will see 2 droboxes in front of the Township Hall.  The white dropbox (used previously) will be designated for tax payments and other documents and will be located at the left side of the building.  The other will be to the right of the building and clearly marked as a BALLOT Dropbox (see picture above).

Please consider joining the Election Inspector Team! 

Election Inspectors or Poll Workers conduct assigned duties which include issuing ballots to registered voters, monitoring the voting equipment, explaining how to properly mark the ballot or use the Voter Assist Terminal.  You can also become a member of our Absent Voter Counting Board.  This is the group of Inspectors who process those ballots that are mailed in and makes sure they are counted.  Inspectors are paid for their time and are trained by myself or the Berrien County Clerk’s staff. 

Election Inspectors are mostly people are from our community, and spend a long day making sure your right to vote is exercised.  I don’t know what we would do without them.  If you are interested; You can contact me here at the Township Hall by emailing or calling (269) 429-7703.  You must be at least 16+ years to work an election.  Anyone registered to vote in the State of Michigan can be an inspector, even if you don’t live in St. Joseph Charter Township. 


Election Information

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