Patrice Rose - Clerk
Deb Romaneschi- Deputy Clerk
Danielle Riegel - Assistant

Upcoming 2019 Elections

May 7th - St. Joseph Public Schools special election

Absentee Voting

Please fill out an Absentee Ballot Application if you would like to vote an Absentee Ballot

Voting Locations

Precinct #1 - St. Joseph Township Public Safety Complex, 1750 Colfax Ave, Benton Harbor
Precinct #2 - New Life Baptist Church, 3265 South Cleveland Ave, Saint Joseph
Precinct #3 - St. Joseph Charter Township Hall, 3000 Washington Ave, Saint Joseph
Precinct #4 - Peace Lutheran Church, 3590 Lincoln Ave, Saint Joseph


Voter Precinct Map

List of Voting Locations by Street

Voting Information Videos

How to Use Touch Screen Voting 

Accessibility Voting

Making and Casting Your Ballot

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Permanent Absentee Voter List Form

Becoming an Election Worker

Absentee Ballot Application

Voter Registration Form

Election Worker Training Videos

Setting up and Opening Polls on Tabulator

Tabulator Warning Messages

Closing the Polls on the Tabulator

Powering Down

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MIsc Election Inspector Training Videos

Provisional Ballot Process

Closing the Polls

Voters Who Have Moved

Duplicating Ballots