Ordinance Dept

Troy Gano - Ordinance Officer
Phone (269) 429-7703


The Ordinance Department is constantly monitoring conditions throughout St. Joseph Charter Township.  We look for compliance of our International Property Maintenance Code. The property Maintenance Code is aimed at the upkeep and general maintenance of all properties, houses, and buildings.

Many ordinance issues are handled on a daily basis including, but not limited to: off street parking, animals running at large, the proper keeping of animals, appearance of lawn and house exteriors, parking on lawns, noise abatement, and nuisances of many varieties.

Please do not hesitate to notify us of anything you feel might be a violation, as we aim to keep St. Joseph Charter Township a sought after community in which to live.

Common Violations

Leaving Large Items of Rubbish at the Curbside
Special arrangements should be made with Best Way Disposal by calling Tami at (269) 463-3232.

Parking on the Grass
Parking is only allowed on concrete or asphalt.

Tall Grass/Weeds
If you do not mow, the Township has to do it. You will be invoiced.

Barking Dogs/Dogs at Large
If a complaint comes in, you will receive a letter. A second complaint may result in a citation.

You can not solicit door to door in St. Joseph Township without first obtaining a permit to do so.


Ordinance / Property Maintenance Complaint 

Application to Solicit