Neighborhood Watch

Officer Rick Knapp, Liaison Officer
Phone - (269) 429-6890
Fax - (269) 429-7303

Interested in becoming a neighborhood watch captain? Contact Officer Rick Knapp

Upcoming Events

Mark Your Calendars!

August 1st, 2017 - National Night Out Annual Crime Prevention Event & Ice Cream Social at Riverview Park from 5 to 8 pm.  Residents of St. Joseph Township and St. Joseph City are invited to participate in various safety displays and activities. Ice cream sundaes, hot dogs, and pop will be provided.

Crime Alerts

  • Attention Businesses - The St. Joseph Township Police Department is currently working on updating their "Emergency Directory". Officer Rick Knapp will be going to businesses within the township and attempting to obtain current emergency contact information. If he is unable to make contact with anyone, the information sheet will be mailed or faxed to the business/owner. Thank you for your assistance and patience with them as they work to get information up to date!
  • Please, watch your receipts! A scam currently occurring in other states is one where people are being "ripped off" when going to check out at grocery/drug stores. Apparently when paying with your credit or debit card, they are adding that you requested
    $20-$40 cash back. The cashier is then pocketing the cash you supposedly requested. Most people do not look at their receipt right away, and when you get home it is too late to dispute the charge with the store.
  • If you receive notification in the mail that you won a sweepstakes/lotto, but don't remember ever entering one, it's most likely a scam. Most of these notices are from foreign countries and have terrible grammar/punctuation. Most importantly, you should never have to send money to receive the money you've won! If you believe you have received something fictitious, you may drop it off at the Township Police Department and we can attempt to look into it for you.
  • Remember - Keep your windows and doors locked; while you're there and while you're not. Don't give thieves a chance to make you a victim.
  • Please note the below information about the 2010 Census. You will be receiving a questionnaire and it is required by law that you fill it our and return it. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Census Bureau.

In March of 2010, the Census Bureau will mail or deliver a simple 10 question form to your home.

The quality of services offered to Township residents is greatly influenced by the amount of state revenue sharing dollars received. Township revenue sharing dollars received from the state are based on the amount of residents counted in the Census. The greater the count, the greater the portion of dollars received.

This count will be the Township's official count for the next 10 years so it is very important that we don't miss anyone. You can do your part to help by completing and returning the 10 question form as soon as you received it. Our goal is to have your form reach the Census Bureau before April 1st the official "Census Day". Some of the other ways Census data is used are:

  • Determine the number of congressional seats distributed to each state. The more seats a state has, the more influence they have in Washington D.C.
  • Determine if and how state legislative lines are redrawn.
  • Determine what community services to provide.
  • Determine how approximately $300 billion in federal funding affects our Township and State.

Remember, all Census data is confidential. It is illegal for the Census Bureau, or its employees to share your personal information with any other government agency including law enforcement, IRS, Welfare, FBI, Immigration, etc. No court of law, not even the president of the United States can access your individual responses.

For more information on the Census, visit the Census Bureau's web site at

Police Dispatch - (269) 983-3060 (24 hours)
Remember - NO Call is Too Small!


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