Updated Feb 25, 2021

COVID-19 Township Office Closing: 

Per the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services pandemic directives, the Township Hall entrance continues to be locked.  Police and fire services continue as usual.  Residents are urged to avoid in-person contact and use one or more of the tools listed below to access Township services.

If none of the options listed below work for you, in-person service is available.  To access in-person service, ring the bell on the main entrance door of the Township Hall.  A staff member will allow you to enter via a buzzer system.  There may be a short delay as Township staff will buzz you in when they have finished helping those that arrived before you.  A proper face covering is required except when an individual is medically unable.  Please note that Halloween masks or face coverings with holes in them are not acceptable.

Tools to access Township services

  • Permit forms, Assessing information forms, Tax information and much more can be accessed from this website under Departments.  Also, check out this main page of the website for current general information.
  • You may email the Township at info@sjct.org.
  • Secured, camera monitored, and frequently checked drop boxes, both curbside and at the building to the left of the main entrance door are available to drop off payments and other documents.
  • You may send information via postal mail to St. Joseph Charter Township, P.O. Box 147, St. Joseph, MI 49085.  Our mail is collected M-F.
  • You may phone the Township on the main line at  (269) 429-7703.  Building Inspector (269) 930-2453.  The main phone line is answered M-F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • TextMyGov is a new smartphone texting application that allows you to text in a number to look up Township information.  You may also text in a number that will allow you to receive notifications from the Township.  See the TextMyGov section on this website for more information on how to get started.
  • The Township also sends information to its Facebook page at St. Joseph Charter Township.

  Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep our residents and employees healthy and safe. 

Property Tax Payments – 

In order to keep you and our employees safe, we encourage you to mail your tax payments to the Township Hall at P.O. Box 147, St. Joseph, MI 49085 OR place them in the curbside drop box or the drop box slit to the left of the main entrance door at the Township Hall. Both drop boxes are secured - locked and under surveillance. If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope and a receipt will be mailed to you.

If you need in-person assistance, you may ring the doorbell on the front entrance of the Township Hall.  If you are wearing a proper face covering, (Halloween masks and face coverings with holes are not acceptable) you will be allowed into the lobby through an automatic door opening system.  There may be a short delay as Township staff will buzz you in when they have finished helping those that arrived before you.  

TextMyGov -

The Township will launch TextMyGov on January 14th as an additional method of communication for our Township residents.

Using the regular messaging app on any smartphone, the smart texting technology allows residents to ask questions and get immediate responses, find links to information on the Township's website, address problems, report issues and upload photos by texting (269)-421-4001. Click here to view flyer.

It also allows the Township to communicate information to residents in a timely manner.  To have updates texted to you: under messaging type in 91896 then type in SJCTOWNSHIP.  Click here to view flyer. 

Beginning January 14th, an icon that you may click on for further information on TextMyGov will be located on the lower right corner of the main page of the Township's Website.

Dog Licenses - 

All renewal forms have been mailed out by Berrien County Animal Control (BCAC):

  1. Mail the renewal form and check (and proof of rabies or spay/neuter) back to the county.
  2. Create an online account where you can pay using a credit card (there is a fee).
  3. If it is a new puppy, there is a form on the county’s website to download, fill out and mail along with payment to the county.
  4. You can call BCAC and make an appt. to go in and get the license.

Notice of Electronic Township Meetings - 

Notice of Electronic Board of Trustees Meeting - March 1, 2021

Click here for Electronic Meeting Notices 

Noon Workshop - Click here to view agenda

Click here to join noon workshop zoom meeting

6:00 p.m. Board Meeting - Click here to view agenda

Click here to join 6:00 p.m. Board Meeting 

Planning Commission Zoom Meeting - February 9, 2021 

Click here to view agenda 

Click here to join 6:30 p.m. Planning Commission zoom meeting 

Southwest Michigan Regional Sanitary Sewer and Water Authority - February 11, 2021

Click here for further information 

DNR Grant Public Hearing - 

Click here to view notice

Click here to view project details for Carronde Park Tennis Court Renovation Project

Click here to view project details for Kedzie Park Playground Project 

Click here to view rules for Zoom Public Comment and Public Hearing 

Click here to join the Public Zoom Meeting 

Berrien County Broadband Internet Task Force

Click here to find out what Berrien County is doing regarding Broadband (high speed internet) and why it is important.  

Click here to complete a 5-minute survey using your home's primary internet connection method.  

New Drop Box

Check out our NEW drive-up drop box! It is located in the parking lot in front of the Township Hall.  The box is secure and under video surveillance.  The box may be used for tax payments, election applications, ballots, or any type or correspondence to the Township.

Like our walk-up drop box, it will be checked frequently. 

Planning Commission Zoning Ordinance Update Discussions Open to the Public

Click here for 7/11/19 revisions to the timeline for zoning ordinance updates.

Zoning Update

The Township has recently been made aware of misinformation that has been published regarding rezoning of properties.  The Township is currently working on a zoning ordinance update, and the purpose of the current zoning update is to achieve a more user-friendly document to work in accordance with the recently completed master plan.  At this time, there is no proposed rezoning of any particular parcel.  However, if at any time rezoning of parcels would be proposed, first a public hearing would be announced and held at the Township Hall.  

Parks & Recreation Plan Update

Please click here to see pages 1-50 of the Parks & Recreation Plan.  Please click here to see pages 51-102.

Check out our Facebook page!

It's St. Joseph Charter Township with a picture of the hall.   Click https://www.facebook.com/St-Jo...to go directly.   If you "like" and "follow" you can be up on the latest happenings in the township.   You can also get information at https://www.facebook.com/SJTwp..., the St. Joseph Township Police Department.   Also check out our fire departments pages, https://www.facebook.com/Sjctf..., https://www.facebook.com/sjctf....


For Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) please click on the following:

FOIA- Public Summary Of Procedures And Guidelines

FOIA- Procedures And Guidelines




Property Tax Information

Property tax information is available online at www.bsaonline.com.  Click on the big green check mark to set up an account.  Our information is listed under the Berrien County blue bar, click on "St. Joseph Charter Township", then "Click Here" on the next page, type in the address and follow directions.    Tax inquiries for property owners are free of charge for any property that they own.  All other inquiries are charged $2.00 each.  You may look at the history of the taxes for your property for the last twenty years, see current information, and print off duplicate bill information.  If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer's Office at (269) 932-0269.

Master Plan

Master Plan Part 1 Of 4 2017

Master Plan Part 2 Of 4 2017

Master Plan Part 3 Of 4 2017

Master Plan Part 4 Of 4 2017

Updated Feb 25, 2021

Special Meetings

  • When scheduled, links to special meeting information will appear below.

Township Meetings

Township Board of Trustees 1st Monday of the Month 12 pm - Workshop 6 pm - Regular Meeting

Planning Commission 6:30 pm - 2nd Tuesday Monthly

Zoning Board of Appeals 7 pm - 2nd Wednesday (As Requested)

Meetings are held at the Township Hall and are open to the Public.

2021 Dates the Office will be Closed

Friday, April 2nd- Spring Holiday

Friday, May 28th & Monday, May 31st - Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, July 2nd & Monday, July 5th - Fourth of July

Friday, September 3rd & Monday, September 6th - Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, November 25th & Friday, November 26th - Thanksgiving

Friday, December 24th & Monday, December 27th - Christmas

Monday, January 3rd - New Year's