Updated Feb 22, 2018

Napier Avenue Pedestrian & Bicycle Study - For information on the Napier Avenue Pedestrian & Bicycle Study check out the website at www.napieravenue.org.  This site is new and will continue to develop so be sure to check back for updates in the next couple of weeks regarding dates, times and places when public meetings will occur.  This is a great opportunity for you to share your point of view and also learn more about the study.

FLOODING EVENT UPDATE: 11 a.m. 02-22-2018

Heavy rain combined with snow melt brought the St. Joseph River in southwest Michigan and north-central Indiana to record levels, producing flooding that required some customers to be disconnected and affecting the six hydro-electric dams I&M operates on the river.

I&M is working closely with local city officials and first responders, both to safely disconnect power to customers in flooded areas and to communicate the role of dams in connection with the river.

Currently, all of I&M’s dams along the St. Joseph River in Northern Indiana and Michigan are operating per engineered design. The Buchanan Hydro Plant is operating near capacity, but there is still room in our system to pass high river flows. I&M has notified the appropriate public safety officials in Berrien County about the status of the dam and will provide updates in coming days.

I&M’s dams are not designed as storage or flood-control facilities. They are operated “run-ofriver,” meaning some water goes through the generation equipment and then is passed down the river. The dams have relatively small reservoirs with water levels maintained in accordance with I&M’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license.

I&M is following all state and federal rules and regulations. Employees are monitoring river levels at each location around the clock and will for the next few days.  According to the National Weather Service, the St. Joseph River has crested in Niles, South Bend and Elkhart. Crests further downstream toward Buchanan are expected this weekend.

Power to about 250 customers in Michigan and about 300 in Indiana was disconnected to protect against electrical hazards caused by rising water. Some disconnections were made at individual homes; others involved switching off power to lines supplying specific neighborhoods in danger of flooding. Most disconnections came at the request of public safety officials.

I&M urges customers and the public to exercise extreme caution. In the event waters rise around your home or business:

  • Disconnect electrical appliances and DO NOT touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water.
  • Do not go into any room or basement if water is covering appliance cords that are plugged in or if water has reached the wall outlets.
  • Don’t enter a room if you hear popping or buzzing, or if you see sparks.
  • Never go into a basement with standing water in it unless you are sure the electricity is off.
  • If water rises to your electric meter base, or rises to wall outlets, call I&M to have your power disconnected. In Indiana, call 800-311-4634. In Michigan, call 800-311-6424. Our customer care experts will also give you information about reconnecting.

Public Hearing

Monday, March 5th at 6:00 pm St. Joseph Charter Township will hold a public hearing and be accepting public comment on a DNR Land and Water Conservation Fund grant for a playground structure and surface at Maiden Lane Park.   Please click here for more information.

Parks & Recreation Plan Update

The Township is accepting comments on the draft.  Please click here to see the draft Parks and Recreation Plan.   The SJCT Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on the proposed plan for 2019-2023 on Monday, February 5th at 6:00pm at the Township Hall. Click here for meeting details.


Report street light outages directly to Indiana Michigan Power at 1-800-311-4634 or online via their website at https://www.indianamichiganpow....  You will be asked for the nearest cross street or street address and the pole number.  The number is located on a metal tag about eye level on the street light pole.  If you don’t have internet access, you may report street light outages to the police department at 429-6890.

Planning Commission Vacancy

St. Joseph Charter Township (SJCT) is seeking applications from individuals interested in serving on its Planning Commission.

To apply you must be a resident of SJCT, must not be in arrears on property taxes, and must complete a SJCT Appointment Application.   Training or experience with land use planning or a related field (building constructions, realtor, local government) desired.  Click here for application and more information.

Check out our new Facebook Page!    (St. Joseph Charter Township with a picture of the hall).  Click https://www.facebook.com/St-Jo...to go directly.   If you "like" and "follow" you can be up on the latest posts for the township.   You can also get information at St. Joseph Township Police Department, https://www.facebook.com/SJTwp..., or St. Joseph Township Fire Department's Facebook,https://www.facebook.com/sjctf..., or https://www.facebook.com/Sjctf....

Special Uses for R-2 Property Zoning Amendment:  At the October 2, 2017, St. Joseph Charter Township Board of Trustees meeting held at 3000 Washington Avenue, St. Joseph, MI at 6:00 pm, the Township Board approved an amendment to Special Uses for property in the R-2 (Residential 2) District.  Click here to view the proposed amendment.

 Sec. 46-252.  R-2 One-family residence district.

(c)  Special uses.  The following uses may be allowed by special use permit in accordance with the provisions of article II, division 5 of this chapter:

(7)  Communication towers exclusively for use by Public Service Uses (Section 5) and Schools (Section 6) above, not to exceed 70’ in height.  Communication towers for Public Service Uses and Schools must be used solely to aid necessary communications (internet service and cellular telephone service) for Public Service Uses and Schools.  Communication towers allowed under this section shall NOT be used as co-location sites, or for any purpose other than to facilitate necessary communication for Public Service Uses and Schools.  Communication towers under this section may not be leased out to any third party.  Special use requests under this section shall be considered under the standards of Section IX, Telecommunication Towers, to the extent applicable.

Sewer Cleaning/Inspection -

St. Joseph Charter Township has received a Grant from the State of Michigan to inspect sections of the sanitary sewer system.   We have contracted with Corby Entergy Services (CES) to perform the work associated with this project.   You should be notified by a door hanger information card when they will be working in your area.  Please click here for more information.

Special Uses for R-2 Property Zoning Amendment:  At the September 5, 2017, St. Joseph Charter Township Board of Trustees meeting held at 3000 Washington Avenue, St. Joseph, MI at 6:00 pm, ordinance language was introduced to amend Special Uses for property in the R-2 (Residential 2) District.  Click here to view the proposed amendment.   

Master Plan  -  St. Joseph Charter Township passed a big milestone July 10th when the Board of Trustees formally adopted the 2017 Master Plan.  Many township residents as well as officials and staff contributed to preparation of the Master Plan with the guidance of Wightman and Associates.  Michigan law requires that all municipalities that have zoning authority have a master land use plan and use it as the basis for zoning decisions.  The plan should be reviewed every five years to make sure that it meets current needs.  The master plan contains an implementation guide.  Areas to be addressed include community/place, transportation/connectivity, natural areas/recreation, and economic development. Click here to view.

Yard Waste - Will be picked up starting the week of April 1st.

A new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Law went into effect on July 1, 2015. Please feel free to review the updated documents below, and if you have any questions, contact the Township Clerk at (269) 429-7703.

                                         FOIA Request Detailed Cost Itemization

                                         FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

                                         FOIA Public Inspection of Records Policy

                                         FOIA Public Summary of Procedures and Guidelines

                                         FOIA Request for Public Records

Property tax information is available online at https://www.is.bsasoftware.com. Our information is listed under “Berrien County Municipalities”. Tax inquiries for property owners are free for any property that they own. All other inquiries are charged $2.00 each. You may look at the history of the taxes for your property for the last twenty years, see current information, and print off duplicate bill information.  Just follow the directions to set up your account.  If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at (269) 932-0269.

Updated Feb 22, 2018

Special Meetings

Township Meetings

Township Board of Trustees 1st Monday of the Month 12 pm - Workshop 6 pm - Regular Meeting

Planning Commission 6:30 pm - 2nd Tuesday Monthly

Zoning Board of Appeals 7 pm - 2nd Wednesday (As Requested)

Meetings are held at the Township Hall and are open to the Public.

2017 Dates the Office will be Closed

Monday, January 1st - New Year's Day

Friday, March 30th - Spring Holiday

Friday, May 25th & Monday, May 28th - Memorial Day Weekend

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