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2021 Park Pavilion Reservations and COVID-19 - 

Township staff will begin taking park pavilion reservations, as usual, after the first of the year.  However, your reservation will be tentative subject to the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Epidemic Orders.  

If the MDHHS Epidemic Orders declare that parks must remain closed, your reservation would be canceled and you may contact the Township to reserve a later date, if available.   In normal times, i.e. no COVID-19, your park pavilion reservation rental fee would not be refundable but, with the unpredictability of the COVID pandemic, the Township will be flexible.  

If MDHHS Epidemic Orders allow,  gatherings will resume provided the party follows all MDHHS rules and restrictions  that are currently in effect on the date you will be using the park pavilion.   

To make a park pavilion reservation, you may either stop by the Township Hall,  leave an email message at,  phone (269) 429-7703, send a request via postal mail (St. Joseph Charter Township, P.O. Box 147, St. Joseph, MI 49085), or place a request in the drop box.

All reservations require a completed facility reservation form, a completed addendum form, a copy of your I.D. and payment either by check (made out to St. Joseph Charter Township) or credit card (name, address, credit card #, expiration date, and three digit code on the back of the card) for the full amount of the rental fee.  Credit card use is subject to a 3% non-refundable fee.  If renting the inside pavilion at Maiden Lane Park you will need to choose and record a 4 digit code on the facility reservation form.

Click here for a copy of the facility reservation form. 

Click here for a copy of the addendum form.

You will need to call the Township office at (269) 429-7703 for date availability.

If you have phoned the office and set a tentative reservation date, the Township must receive your  completed and signed agreement, signed addendum, I.D. copy and payment by two weeks from your request date.  If all required information is not received within this two week window you will be contacted to let you know your tentative reservation is being removed.

Pavilion reservation fees:

Outside pavilions: (Carronde Park has two, Eaton Park has two, Maiden Lane Park has one)                                                            $75/residents                    $125/non-resident

Enclosed pavilion at Maiden Lane Park:                                                                                                                                                                  $130/resident                    $200/non-residents

To rent both enclosed and open

pavilions at Maiden Lane Park:                                                                                                                                                                                   $180/resident                    $285/non-resident

Park Grants

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Please click here to see the proposal of projects for Maiden Lane Community Park.

Parks & Recreation Plan

Please click here to see pages 1-50 of the Parks & Recreation Plan and here to see the rest.

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